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Friday, September 10

And.. he is home!

He is home safe and sound and we are one happy little family!! I must apologize for taking forever to put up pictures! In a million years I didn't expect life to be so crazy!! I am still getting use to the extra laundry, dishes in the sink and such but it is well worth it. I will hopefully get back into the groove of this wife thing soon enough :)
Our homecoming was nothing like I had imagined. I was in the midst of changing Sophia's diaper when I heard her say "Daddy!"I figured she was just preparing for the big moment when we would run and jump into his arms. Oh wait! That moment didn't happen  lol. Instead I turned around and there he is walking towards us with his dog.  His dog is a trained attack dog so running and jumping into Stephen's arms was out of the question. So instead I threw Soph's cute little tutu on and walked slowly and as calmly as I could towards him. Someone finally grabbed the dog so we could hug but my camera was in the car so no pics:(  Fast forward 6 hours later we finally got some pics.
Here they are :)
Soph checking daddy out

<><>             So happy to have her daddy home !!!
Family picture
Bed time .. daddy thought he would tuck her in :)
Our afternoon date.. we went bowling.. I won't mention who won.. lets just say all those bowling classes in High school came in handy ;)

Lots of Love!! Xo! Xo
The Thompson Fam:)