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Saturday, January 30

Missing him ..

On the darkest of days, when I miss him the most and I think I can't take another day without him .... she is right there to pick me back up. How blessed am I !?

I love her and can't wait for her daddy to see her soon!!

Friday, January 29

Dancin Queen

You can dance, You can Jive, having the time of your life
see that girl, watch that scene, diggin' the dancing queen..

I am not sure where she picked up these sweet moves but she is our lil' Dancing queen.. With that voice and those moves I see superstar writting all over her face :)

Ok, maybe I am justa little biased but she is so Stinkin cute isn't she ?!

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Thursday, January 28


I am posting this for a few reasons:
1. I am sitting here freezing my ______ (fill in the blank with word of choice) off here in Iowa and need something warm to day dream about.

2. So you can see where we will be getting "married", this time there will be no hoodies and jeans or court house. We will have the ocean as our backgdrop and the sand at our feet.

3. Lastly, so when I get the deployment blues I can just click on this link and get swept away with the amazing vacation I have to look forward to, just me and my hubby for 7 days!!

** Thank you G-ma J for agreeing to fly down and watch little Miss Sophia!! **

Here is the link.. we are staying at the Couples Negril in Jamacia. I cannot wait for October to get here!
http://www.couples.com/13cn/index.html ---->Sorry I have yet to figure out how to put a link in my blogs.. so you will have to copy and past in another browser. I am still new at this whole blog thing.

Love ya all,
Thompson fam

Tuesday, January 26

Bye, bye baby...

Sophia is no longer a baby. She is a walking , talking, miniature adult. She has wants and needs all of which she has no problem expressing. She can sign and say Milk when she is thirsty. Numerous times in the day she will pick out a book (this weeks book of choice "Is your mama a Llama"), hand it to me then crawl up on my lap and laugh the entire time I am reading. When Stephen pops up on the computer she runs to it smiling, yelling DA DA over and over again. He will sing to her and she laughs and tries to sing back. She is no longer a baby ..nope.. not an ounce of baby left in her and that my friends gives me BABY FEVER. I want another one.. but first my husband needs to be in the same time zone I suppose :)

Welcome to toddler hood.. one of the many times in a day she test the limits .. I am told this will be a common occurrence for many years to come..

Her is our precious little girl just a few hours old... I remember how scared, excited, exhausted and wired we were that day . I don't think I had ever felt closer to Stephen in my life. What an amazing experience... I can't wait to do it again.. right honey!?! LOL..

Sunday, January 24

Loving her pasta!

I only wish I could have this much fun when I ate dinner!
Here are some pictures of lil' Sophia having a grand ol' time with her pasta and meatballs!

Saturday, January 23

Walking hand in hand

Today I had a epiphany of sorts. I was at the mall standing behind a cute husband and wife couple. I watch the man put his arm around his wife's waist then draw her near him as he kissed her forehead so sweetly. After that he slipped his hand into hers and off they walked, hand in hand ,happily ever after. It was then my stomach sunk. That whole scene I had just witnessed was at one point an everyday occurrence in my life. Now it seemed so foreign to me. I had forgot what it feels like to have my forehead kissed, my hand held, given a hug from my husband. If it wasn't for Sophia, basic human touch would be all but forgotten. I have missed my husband everyday since he left, but today I missed him a little more.
Good thing I have the glass is always half full during deployment rule. This is my way of staying sane in times like this. When I feel sad, frustrated or that the light at the end of the tunnel is just a little too far away and dim..I make myself stop and throw a positive into the situation... so here it is..
Today, I also realized that we are getting to the half way point and soon enough I will have MY kiss on the forehead, I will have HIS hand to hold again and I will have my Husband back in my arms. Distance truly does make the heart grow fonder.

Wednesday, January 20

A dogs life

I don't know that I have yet to introduce the other half of our family.. Max and Duritz. These guys were our babies before for our baby came along. Truth be told they still think they are the babies! Max is a 80lbs German Shepard and on most days thinks he is human and a lap dog. We have his loving father (Stephen) to thank for this.
Duritz is my little man that I got after I moved away from home. He was a rescue dog with a strong will and big heart. He and Stephen had some issues in the beginning.. Duritz did not take kindly to sharing me lol.. they worked it out and now we are a big happy family.
The dogs (and I) are missing our big back yard but we are making the best of it here in Iowa. The time is ticking away and soon we will be back where we belong :)
Here are a few pictures of our "babies"..

This is when we just brought Sophia home.. the dogs were so interested but good boys and didn't get to close.

The really are best friends.. so cute!!

Our Maxi poo :)

This is a before and after of Dru boo.. he had a bad hair cut yesterday.. we will be purchasing a sweater asap!!

Saturday, January 16

Teachings from a Toddler

So, This week every time Sophia dropped something , anything at all, it was quickly followed by a loud, sassy, and very frustrated ERRRRRR noise before she picked it back up. When she first started making "the noise" I thought .. now who in the WORLD taught her to do that?! Then on Thursday I had one of those days. You know the days where you need to be 3 people to even attempt to get everything done. Well anyways, that day I noticed something, as I was attempting to make a lunch, entertain a very frustrated 1 year old and do the dishes all at once "it" happend. I opened the fridge and out flies the sour cream.. luckily it just falls no splatter but as I pick it up,a loud, sassy and very frustrated..ERRRRRRR comes out of my mouth. I freeze..after a week of pointing fingers on who taught Sophia "the noise" I realized.. IT WAS ME!! So yet another lesson learned..

Sunday, January 10

You know your husband is deployed when..

I found this the other day and personalized a bit.. this rings so true for so many military wives.

You know your husband is deployed when...

The toilet seat is always down.

The leftovers are still sitting in the fridge.

You only have one load of laundry to do - and it doesn't contain any PT clothes.

You sit up all night just in case he happens to log onto IM,yahoo, facebook, ect.

You find yourself carrying home a stack of those customs forms from the post office because you know you'll need them later.

You sleep with your cell phone because there's always a chance if you put it on the table on the other side of the room, you'll miss his phone call.

Keeping your legs shaved on a regular basis is no longer a top priority. (Sorry if that's TMI for some of you out there...)

You find your self repeating " a year is only 5 min of the life we have to live together "

You're already trying to decide what to wear on the day he comes home - and that's within five minutes of when he left.

Homecoming has nothing to do with football, parades, alumni, or dances.- on that note.. seeing others homecomings brings you to tears.. tears of Joy.. some tears of jealosy but mostly tears of joy :)

You notice bumper stickers more often and wonder about the story of the person driving the car - do they have a friend or family member deployed with your husband? Hmmm. (I find that especially true when I see another blue star displayed somewhere.)

Every time you go to check the time, you do math in your head to figure out what time it is over there.(At least one of your clocks is set to his time )

Each time you get to turn a new page on your calendar, a little voice says, "YES - another one down..."

Every unknown number that shows up on your phone inspires excitement (it could be him)!

Someone says "Iraq" (no matter what the context), it immediately becomes personal.

You finally have the rule of the remote but find yourself watching all his shows.

Checking your email every hour becomes normal.

The folks at the post office recognize you and know your name.

A sandstorm in Iraq can ruin your whole day (or at least when they cause your phone call to be dropped).

You experience random moments of crying for no particular reason

The best birthday gift is a web chat with your husband :)

Lastly, the pride you feel as a military wife is overwhelming. You are not only proud of your husband but proud of yourself. You have become the head of house, the mom , the dad, the mr. fix it, the dog walker, they driver, just to name a few.. you have filled the shoes of two people for a year and you do it will grace and a smile :)

Frozen Tundra

So .. When I agreed to live in Iowa for a time while Stephen was in Iraq, I in no way expect the weather. I mean I grew up in Iowa, I know how cold it can get, the massive amounts of snow, ice, windchills and blowing snow... yada yada. I didn't however sign up for the worst winter in 100 yrs.So today I have decided to post some pictures of warmers days. Our Beach days out a Callaway Gardens and the misserably hot 4th of july out at Fort Benning.

Friday, January 8

CNN Update

Our Salute to the troops for Stephen will be airing on the HLN channel on the 14th. It will air 4 times every hours between 6am and 10 am. So excited!! If I can get a hold of the video I will post it up here.

You can see the video that is on the salute the troops website here:

Daddy's video to his Girls!

Stephen sent this for Sophia and I a few weeks back. What an amazing video. It shows all the great time we have had thus far! We miss him so much and I can't tell you how lucky we are to have him in our lives!!


Here are a few pics of Stephen over in Iraq. Santa sent him a camera hopefully he will start using it more.. hint hint...

Tito Ortiz came to Visit the troops.. Stephen and Rocky were both very excited to meet him :)

He says he misses my home cooking ... I think he is just trying to be nice ;)

This is why I love Rocky! He is keeping my hubby safe and sound! Good Boy ol' Rocky!

Thursday, January 7


This was a little video montage I made one sleepless night. I sent it into CNN's Salute the troops and got an email  the next day. They liked our video so much they wanted to do a Salute the troops segment on Stephen. We are so excited to share our hero's story with the nation! We are not sure when it will air but I sent them great pictures of Stephen doing what he does best, being a daddy, a husband and a solider!! I will update you all when it airs!


December flew by for us up here in Iowa! We started the months with Miss Sophia's 1st birthday! Then onto my birthday and Christmas. We were truly blessed to see Stephen on the web cam through out the holidays. It made it some what bearable to be away from each other. Rand R will be here in March and we cannot wait!! We made the best out of daddy being over in Iraq! We were blessed to see him on the web cam Christmas eve and Christmas day!!
My Birthday was the 17th so Stephen had rose's , chocolates and a spa kit sent to me!! He made it the best birthday yet!!

Our Beautiful little girl in her Christmas dress!! I just love her!!