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Saturday, August 21

Still Waiting

Well, We are still waiting for Stephen to get home. Everyones patients are wearing and  I am trying to remember it is all in God's hands and he has a plan. This however is easier said than done. We are so close to the end but unfortunatly the Army seems  in no hurry to get him home. We are hoping to see him sometime in the next couple week.
Sophia and I are trying to stay busy but time has a way of standing still when you are anxiously awaiting your soldiers arrival. We are ready and will wait as long as it takes :)

Here are a few pictures to show you just how we feel right about now.
Come on .. Bring my daddy home already ..
Hey !!! I WANT MY DADDY!!!
Now she is REALLY MAD!!!
On a positive note.. Gma J sent Soph some very Snazzy Sneakers last week. Very sparkly, very shiny and when she walks they light up and twinkle.
Showing of her new sneaks
And.. testing them out.. fabulous!

Hopefully my next update contains lots of pictures of Hugging, kissing and a family FINALLY back together agian.

Until then.. Much love!
The Thompson fam~

Monday, August 9


So it occurred to me today as I was listening to Jason Mraz and Elmo Singing the Sesame street version of I'm yours.... just how my musical genera has changed.

I remember back in the day.. I use to love to lay down, put on my ipod and get lost in the music. Just stop and breath, clear my mind and listen. White Stripes, Dylan, Counting crows.. oh how I miss you..

Fast forward to today: To lay down and listen to music DOES NOT HAPPEN. If I am laying down I am  SLEEPING. If I am listening to music it is.. 9 times out of 10... either Sophia's play list on my ipod or our very silly song CD. So desperate for some inkling of my old music.. I went and bought Ziggy Marley's Children's CD.

So I am behind on the times when it comes to music. I have found myself enjoying the "light 100 music " station  (Gasp) .. and even more embarrassing to admit.. on this "light" station is the John Tesh Radio show... Which I have come quite fond of..

I can hear you laughing now..

In my defense the man is full of all sorts of little wisdoms and facts about life... I just can't help but listen. Don't worry I have not started wearing mom jeans or driving a mini van so there is STILL hope for me. Although I would love a mini van :)

Did I just say that out loud!?

I know you all are dying to here the sweet sounds of Jason Mraz and Elmo.. So here ya go .. ENJOY!..

I couldn't have a blog w/o a Sophia picture.. here she is  dancing to some of her silly songs!!

Tuesday, August 3

11 months...

11 months. Stephen has been gone for 11 months. In just a few short weeks he will be home with us and I can't even explain the butterflies, excitement, nervousness and Love I feel as I type.

11 months. 11 months of not talking face to face, not holding hands, kissing, hugging. 11 MONTHS yet I love the man more than the day I married him.

This deployment has been LONG, longer for him I am sure than me but we are almost done. He will be sitting right here beside me in only a FEW SHORT weeks. In a few short weeks I can finally take that HUGE breath and EXHALE. I can finally breath again because he is safe and with the ones who love him more than anyting in the world.

11 months. He hasn't held his daughter. She could only crawl when he left. Now she is a little girl. She has her own little ideas and her own little style. I can't wait for him to experience her in the heart of toddler hood. I can't wait to see them together again, my heart skips a beat even thinking of it.

11 months of  what may have looked like just me and Sophia. In all actuality Stephen was more present then ever. His strength, love and sacrifice is what kept me going. I don't know how he did it but his mental toughness is something I admire. We saw him almost every day for an ENTIRE year on the web cam. No matter what he had to do or sacrifice he made time for us. He didn't have to. But he did. And we love him for that.

11 months. He has been away for 11 months. Only a few weeks to go and time has seemed to stopped for us all. It is what I think the 24th  mile of a marathon would be like. You are so close to the finish you can taste victory. You can look behind you and see the miles of pavement you pounded and are so VERY proud. At the same time you have a few short miles ahead . Your mentally and physically exhausted and second guessing if that finish line will ever come. Time just stops.
That is where I think Stephen and I both are. Time has stopped.

11 months. We can DO this. We are so close and I can feel his arms around me. I can invision him coming off  that plane, arms wide open, smiling from ear to ear, waiting to see his girls.

11 months have gone by and in a few short weeks we will be a family again. A stronger family, whose love has been strengthened by distance.. A family who has seen our fair share of challenges but a great amount of joy from a year we feared would be nothing but misery. That is a true testament to life is all in what you make it...

11 months.  He will be here soon.

Lots of Love,
Sara :)