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Thursday, April 29

Splish, Splash

Swim Lesson Started this week !! So we donned our new Swim suits, hit the pool and had lots of fun splishin, splashin and singing.

Here is a picture of Soph sporting her new suit.. can you tell she loved it ?!?

This next picture has nothing to do with Swimming. This is Sophia eating breakfast with Daddy on Skype:) Have I told you how great my husband is!? Well My husband is GREAT! After a long day of fighting the bad guys he took the time to eat breakfast with his little girl. I snagged one great guy!! Only 4 more months until he is actually sitting at the table eating breakfast with us :) Lot of Love,

The Thompson Fam :)

Sunday, April 25

Ghirardelli Scare...

We have a new archenemy in the house, well beside the usual allergies, snotty nose, ect...
This is a commercial for Ghiradelli Chocolate and as much as it makes me want to run out and buy a big ol' hunk of this deliciousness.. it scares poor Sophia to death. Everytime this commercial comes up on the screen there are tears, screams and looks of horror from our little one. Not sure what it is but I thought I would share.

Wednesday, April 21

My how things change

I am just amazed how in just one short year our baby girl has grow so much.

The pics below are of Sophia last year on Easter Sunday. She was just about 4 months and still in the eat, poop, sleep stage... lol

These are a couple from our baby girl this Easter.. my how things change..

Lastly.. our little Fashionista a year ago...

Don't worry .. she is still as fashionable as ever ;)

Much Love,
Thompson fam :)

Monday, April 19


Okay .. So I have called for reinforcements... I will soon be the Guru of Toddler hood, speak fluent in toddler-ese, and be ready for anything Sophia has to throw at me .. including large blocks of cheese..

Sunday, April 18

Grocery Store Blues

In the last month or so.. I have DREADED the thought of taking Sophia to the grocery store for many reasons.. here are just a few

1) Everything I throw into the cart will inevitably be thrown right back out

2) To actually get Sophia in the cart, buckled in and situated makes me break a sweat

3) No matter how detailed and organized my list is .. it with either get ripped up by a certain toddler or throw out out of the cart when I am not looking but the same certain toddler resulting in no list at all.

4) Screaming.. need I say more !

Today at walmart I learned an important lesson, while picking up the items that were just thrown out of the cart , watch for other falling items. Case in point .. I took a block of Colby cheese to the head while picking up the shredded mozzarella.

Thursday, April 15

Dancing Diva..

I am not a HUGE advocate on TV but Sophia loves her Playhouse Disney...only downfall.. it's on the same time and my beloved Today Show.. Oh How I miss you Matt, Meredith, Al and Anne....

Anyways, here is Sophia Dancing with the Imagination movers.. Sorry for the kink in your neck you may get from watching this video.. I couldn't figure out how to turn it up right :(

Lots of Love,

The Thompson Fam!

Wednesday, April 14

Lions, Butterflies and Molars.. oh my!

This week has been rough on poor little Sophia.. the big bad molars are rearing their ugly heads and making her life miserable. So my plan was to keep her as busy as possible so maybe, just maybe the pain won't be quite as bad... okay and I did this to keep my own sanity! If you have ever been stuck at home with a teething, frustrated toddler then you know how the walls start closing in QUICK!

So Monday we took an impromptu trip to the Zoo and Tuesday we packed up and heading to my old stomping grounds.. Ames, Ia.. Go Cyclones!!

This chicken was AMAZING to Sophia :)

Here is our little princess enjoying Reiman Gardens

We are lucky enough to have the LARGEST garden gnome in the U.S. right in Ames, Ia.. Who knew ?!

I just love her !!

Sunday, April 11

Who knew!?!?

Who knew Stephen and I could produce such an adorable kid :) Truly an Angel

Xo! Xo!

The Thompson Fam :)

Tuesday, April 6

Easter time..

This is a little late but...

Easter brought us lots of fun! We headed out to Living history farms where Sophia was a part of her first Easter Egg hunt. There were millions of tiny little eggs strewn across the grass.. and she pics this one ... Already an over achiever :)

Sophia had a small obsession with Mr. Easter Bunny..Seriously what kid likes the Easter Bunny?!

We also got a chance to .. take a ride on this Big Green Tractor;)

Lots of Love,
The Thompson Fam ;)

Monday, April 5

It's a Beautiful day

I haven't posted in a week or so because last week was BEAUTIFUL! 70's all week long! Sophia and I spend the entire week outside :) Here are some pics of our little princess soaking up some sun :)

Sophia Love, love , loves the swing at the park.. she has no fear!

The next few pics are of Sophia meeting Grandpa John, My dad who passes away almost 11 years ago. I look forward to sharing all the great memories I had with my her grandpa.It was important to me that we went to visit and I am glad we did. It was VERY windy but we enjoyed our time and put this pretty pink flower on his grave. I know he is very proud of his beautiful granddaughter.