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Friday, June 17

Korea here we come!!!

We have great news!! We got Command Sponsored (basically the army's way of saying they will pay for us to move and live in Korea ) We will be moving to Daegu, South Korea hopefully the first part of September and are so very excited. This is not only the opportunity of a life time for us but it keeps Stephen out of harms way for two straight years!

Daegu is in the Southern part of South Korea about 3 hours from Seoul. It's the 4rd largest city in South Korea and is know for it's yummy apples and fashion (yippee). It is a super safe area, clean and WAAAYYY South of that pesky Mr. Kim Jong Ill ;) So no need to worry about us:)

We have about 11 weeks give or take until we are on our way to Korea and the adventure of a lifetime!!

 I have so many people think I am crazy because I want so badly to go to Korea with Stephen. I have heard a MILLION times I should just let him do his year and then we move on to our next Duty Station together. I see it like this, I may be shaking in my boots moving to this crazy foreign country but at least I am with my husband. More importantly Sophia has her dad home for dinner every night for 2 years straight. He will be there to see all her milestones she has yet to achieve and there to sing her to sleep. I would be selfish to take that away from her or him for that matter, because I may be "uncomfortable" in this very foreign country.
So instead I look at this like our families very own adventure. An opportunity god has dropped right in our laps after so many months of prayer, reflection and hard work. This is a chance not only to be together but to discover a place so many people will never see.

So here ya go.. a few pics of our home-to-be for the next two years :)

Historic Temple


This will be our home for the next two years !!
Much Love,
The Thompson Fam ;)