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Wednesday, May 26

Happy Memorial day !


Okay .. so it has been a while .. the month of May gave me a run for my money but not to worry.. I am still here. Praying June has just a little bit more to offer in the way of a healthier baby, happier dogs and smooth move down to Alabama.. I guess we will see!!
Okay now on to what this day is really about..

Memorial day use to be an exciting day off. A day filled with fun, sun and a drink or two. That was memorial day before I met Stephen. Before war really effected me. Before I married a Soldier of the United States Army.
Now memorial day has a whole new meaning. It is a day to say THANK YOU! Thank you to those amazing men and women who are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. I pray for those who have lost their lives, who's families grieve. I pray for families like ours who have a loved one in harms way.
I love you Stephen and cannot wait for you to come home safe. You truly are an American Hero but more importantly a Hero to Sophia and I :)

Here are a few pictures from our memorial day..

This picture is of Sophia at grandpa John's (my dad's)Grave. I wish more than anything those two could have met.. he would have LOVED her.

Our little patriotic baby:)

Thursday, May 13


Stephen and I have talked a bit about baby number two. Somewhere down the road another Thompson baby will grace the world with all his or her splendor.. Just no time soon.. Sorry :( We are in no rush and it's probably a good thing after watching Miss Sophia with her Beebeee (baby.)

She really is a good lil Mama. Here she is feeding her Beebee.. apparently holding the baby by her hair is VERY effective ;)

Good thing we have PLENTY of time to work on our beeebeeee skills :)

Much Love,
The Thompson Fam

Monday, May 10

Mama's day

Mother's Day was as beautiful as ever. I had my little princess by my side and Stephen sent me flowers and chocolate strawberries.. such a great guy:)

Sophia also took me out to my favorite South side Restaurant, Barrata's. Every time we go it never fails she has a melt down. No matter how prepared I am. This time Sophia gave me a little mother's day present. She entertained herself, let me sip a glass of wine and more importantly didn't MELT DOWN.
However, the 2 yr old at the table next to us had a major melt down..Oh his poor Mama how I felt her pain. The look of complete embarrasment on her face has been on my face a million times. So the following statement may make me a bad person ... BUT During this meltdown I had to smile to myself and thank god that for once.. it wasn't my lil munchkin melting down:)

Here is a pic of Sophia entertaining us all .. breadbaskets make the best hats don't ya think!?

Much love and Happy Mother's Day

The Thompson Fam :)

Wednesday, May 5

Vocabulary Lesson



One Toddler with Excessive Diarrhea, followed by mass consumption of pedialyte, followed by more excessively runny diarrhea, repeat for 10 days. One Red Tooshy is to be expected. Large quantities of Butt paste will be used. One Mother who is sleep deprived, worried and very VERY sick of poop can be found close by at all times.

And that concludes today's vocab lesson..

I will leave you with a picture of Sophia. This is her "studious" look . I thought it appropriate... after all this is a vocabulary lesson ;)

Lots of Love,

The Thompson Fam