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Sunday, June 27

Sweet Home Alabama

Well we made it home. I am quite happy we won't be making that drive again for awhile.

We have been home about a week and are finally getting settled in. Let me tell you a house that sits nine months can be pretty dusty. My mom and I spent the week cleaning and getting the house put together. (Thank goodness we had my mom here she was a life saver!)

I also found a new love this week. He is amazing. He made the last week SO much easier. I am not really sure where he has been all my life?! I call him THE CORDLESS DRILL. I was never a power tool kind of girl but after this last week I think I will be asking for my very own cordless drill for Christmas (in pink if possible..hint hint)

We love being home. Sophia loves her new room and her new big girl bed. We have had numerous dance parties already. If you have never "whooped" it up to Baby bumblebee you are missing out.

I am sure there is more to tell you all but we just purchased a very comfy bed and I am entirely to comfortable to think. So Good night all ! I leave you with picture of our time here so far.. Enjoy.

This is our little peanut Sleeping in her big girl bed for the first time ever!!

The next three pics are of Sophia's new bathroom :)

Sprinklers these days are way cooler than they used to be. Here is Soph cooling off with her wiggly worm sprinkler!

Lot of Love,

The Thompson Fam

Tuesday, June 15

Good bye Iowa it's been real

During high school and College I could have never imagined staying in Des Moines. I had it set in my mind I would get out of Des Moines and Iowa all together. I always thought there were bigger and better places out there somewhere.

Now after living here again for the last nine months I am going to miss this place. The people, the community, the life style. It's just a very comfortable place to be.The only thing missing is my husband and the warm southern weather year round. Even with the subzero temps I can totally see why it was voted #1 place to raise a family. Des Moines has almost everything you could ever want! Once that Trader Joe's gets here it will be near perfect ;)

I have lived in a few places and with the military I am certain I will call many different cities home in my lifetime. Home is where your heart is and my heart is where Stephen and the army takes us. Yet no matter how far we are a little piece of my heart will always be right here in Iowa. I will miss this place.

So I leave you with a few picture from Iowa.

Here is a picture of a few of my dear friends.Some I have know since we were three others since thirteen. Either way there is something to be said about long lasting friendships. What amazing ladies !!!

At the Zoo with Abby and Sam. Sophia loved Sam =)

Grandma J and Soph. I am going to miss having my mom around but I think Sophia is going to miss her even more. She LOVE, LOVE , LOVE's her Gma J!!!!

It's been real Des Moines. Next Stop Alabama.

Thursday, June 10

Packing TETRIS

I hate packing. I hate organizing and I especially hate loading and unloading. Now add two dogs and a very active 1 year old to the mix. I am asking for trouble.

We had originally planned on taking two cars back to Alabama. Then at the last second I decided what the hay it will all fit in my itzy bity Tacoma. AHHHH

So Now I have my mom, Sophia, two dogs, two car seats, two strollers(yes, I am aware I only have one child)toys, clothes, clothes and more clothes.

So anyways Please pray as we try and play the ultimate game of Packing Tetris to fit all of our life in the back of a pick up truck to head home.

Thus is the life of a Military Wife. Pack and move , pack and move. I would appreciate a packing 101 class if they are going to keep us moving all the time. The least they could do .. I mean really!?

And so I leave you with the following picture. This was our vehicle on the Way to Iowa. Yes, my child is in there Somewhere and no this probably wasn't safe. What is the saying, Hindsight is always 20/20 right?! So to avoid this cluttered disaster I have enlisted the help of some friends. 1. Space bags, space bags, space bags 2. The always handy Black Box 3. The U.S. Postal Service

Tuesday, June 8

18 months ..

Today we had Sophia's 18 months well baby check up:) 18 MONTHS.. where has the time gone?!

As we sat in the well baby waiting area I was sandwiched smack in between two 5 day old 7lb baby girls.. AHHHH .. I had butterflies. It took all I had not to just help myself to holding one of the little peanuts. My baby fever may have just hit a new level but I digress..

When our little munchkin was born she was a whopping 6 lbs 7 oz and 19 inch's long.. She was just at 5 lbs 10oz when we took her home. Now our Princess is tipping the scales at 25.6 lbs and almost 33 inches long.

The doc says she is a genius.. a shear genius.. okay maybe not in those EXACT words.. but I am pretty sure that is what she meant. She is doing great and has exceeded all her developmental milestones for her age. She is so outgoing and on the go. I am loving every min of it! Her new favorite words this month is Bumble bee (bum ba beeeee),please (peezeee) and Thank you (dank doo) among many others:)

Well her is our big girl...

Always stylish..

The older they get .. the harder they play.. this is after a long day of building towers:)

Our pretty little girl!

Much Love,
Thompson fam :)

Thursday, June 3

9 months down!!

I am amazed how quickly the last 9 months have gone.I am also amazed how much our family has grown in the way of faith, love and well.. physically Sophia is a totally different little person. She was a baby when we came here and she is leaving a full fledged toddler.

When we came to Iowa a few days after Stephen deployed I was beat down, tired and heart broken. First deployment blues hit me hard. I didn't know how I would make it without him. As the days, weeks, months went by I found myself trusting god more, loving my husband more than ever and feeling like "I CAN DO THIS." Every new challenge brings anxiety and fear but out of every challenge comes growth. That is what life is all about. Growing into the best person, mother, daughter, wife I can be. I stumble and fall more times than I care to admit but I always get back up and keep going. I credit that to my sweet Sophia who loves and needs me so much. Her unconditional love makes me strive to be the best mom I can be. My husband who always has a "plan" and level headed look at everything. ( I think that's the soldier in him.) My mom who was crazy enough to let Soph, two dogs and I invade her home. Her support and love for Sophia was amazing.

When I heard Stephen was getting deployed my heart sank all I could think of was the bad things that could happen. I never stopped to think of all the good that could come out of this year. Amazingly, good has come to us. Our marriage is stronger than ever and the struggles we faced gave us a chance to see we can over come. My daughter was able to grow so close to her grandma. Technology allowed us to see Stephen everyday almost and we have saved enough money to take our dream honeymoon that we never had the chance to take.

It is so funny how god works. He gives us more than we ever think we can handle and then sure enough he holds our hand and we make it through just fine. Things are crazy in the military, things change, your family gets separated but I believe if you have faith in God and your husband you can make it through any challenge.

Okay this has turned into a novel when what I really wanted to do here was show you pictures of little Miss Sophia when we came to Iowa and now as we are leaving. The change is AMAZING. Makes me remember just how quickly life passes and how much we need to enjoy every minuet of it.

Her is our little munchkin when Stephen left, she was crawling and that was about it.. sometimes I miss those immobile days ;)

Here is our little toddler now-a-days, she comes complete with toddler attitude, divaness and a whole lot of love to give!!