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Thursday, December 29

Hello world.. It's been a while

Sorry for the lack of post here lately. We have been busy busy here at the Thompson house the last few months. Not to mention I am big , fat and Pregnant which in turn means I spend the majority of my down time (be it few and far between) Dozing off on the couch by 8 pm.....

So I will catch you up on the last few months..

October was lots of fun.. We did a little sight seeing and purchased what we like to call our "Hoopty." AKA: very cheap car to get us from Point A to point B. With our new wheels we finally had a little more freedom here.

Here is our sweet new ride, circa 1996 baby!! Everytime I get in this car I feel like I need to blare Oasis , Alanis Morrisett .. maybe a little Radiohead?

Next up : Halloween
Our Sweet lil princess was the cutest Candy corn girl around. She was so cute she won first place in the costume contest :) Following in a long standing family tradition of winners. Stephen had many a win in his younger years and my Diet Coke can costume swept all the costume contests back in the day ;)
Always posing for the camera
November started getting cold here in Daegu and boy are we not use to the cold weather. In Georgia 50 was cold so we had to break out the winter coats and start to get acclimated. Sophia, always a lover of accessories was overjoyed when she got to wear  her Hello Kitty hat and finally use her new winter gloves.

Mid-November I finally put on my big girl pants, Sucked it up and got my drivers license. I was more than nervous to drive in the country. The Koreans, as sweet as they are, cannot drive. Not even a little bit. So my fear of driving here was very justified.
Lets put it this way, I have used my horn more in the last few weeks than in my entire life back in the states. I am also guilty of having a few bouts of road rage (but I will blame that on the pregnancy hormones;) Seriously, If I go into labor early it will probably be in the car. Mostly likly due to my blood pressure going through the roof. , All while I am dodging a 90 year old Korean meandering in the middle of the (very busy) street, while the cab driver next to me decided that my lane looks better than his so he will just come on over (even though my car is obviously using this particular lane of traffic)

We started out December with our baby girl turning 3 years old. Can you believe it? She is 3 going on 13. Our lil diva  princess is turning into quite the little lady. She is all girl, despite Stephens attempts to thrown in a random train or race car here and there. She loves her princess dress and tutu's. You will find her dancing around our house in her princess crown and jewels at just about anytime of the day.

Dont mind the expression.. She was not wanting her picture taken

enjoying cake with two of her friends

Only a few weeks later I turned the big 3-0
You heard me right! I have joined the 30's club and have to say It's not so bad!! Stephen and Sophia spoiled me as usual and brought home a very yummy Birthday Ice cream cake (my favorite). Warning .. You may gain 5lbs just looking at this cake .. It was THAT good.

Christmas was bitter sweet this year. We were together as a family but were absolutely missing our family back in the States.
This was the first year Sophia was really excited about Santa. She was on her best behavior for the man in red. Stephen, who has acquired a Santa suit (HOW COOL), dress up Christmas eve and read our sweet Sophia a Christmas story before bed. She was beaming with excitement and couldn't stop talking about Santa coming to visit. (Is my husband not the BEST ??)

Christmas morning Skype session with Gma J

Waiting so paitently for Stephen to finish watching his football game so we could open presents.

Skyping with nannie and paw paw

Our rockin little princess

If this isn't the cutest picture ever!!

Yes! She is my kid.. you would never know though with her organizational skills ;)  

That brings us up to date. Now that that holidays are almost over we are starting to gear up for Stella. She will be here in exactly 2 months.She is doing great!! She is a totally different baby than Sophia. She never stops moving and midnight dance parties in my belly are her favorite. Sophia was a lazy baby. I don't think I would have known she was in their if she didn't get the hiccup's all the time.
We have been slowly getting the nursery ready and I have been trying to prepare myself for the sleep deprivation I will soon encounter.

Here I am at 28 weeks with Stella in there growing strong. I am at 31 weeks now and feeling big as a house. 8 more weeks to go !!
Sophia is super excited to be a big sister. Although she is 100% positive that everything in Stella's room is hers .. not Stella's.. uh oh.

That is about all from South Korea. We are missing everyone lots but have been really enjoying our time here in South Korea. We can't wait for it to warm up so we can start exploring the area a bit more.

Lots of love,
The Thompson fam :)