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Wednesday, July 28

I have a plethora of pictures for you ! Some are of our new pool .. some are pictures that bring a smile to my face... Enjoy..

Dinosaurs say .. RRROOOAARRRR
Our own back yard water park
Polka dot booty
Alabama Summers are HOT.. the pool is the place to be
Dress up phase has begun ... and I LOVE IT!!
Such a DIVA
Just Us girls heading to church..
The newest phase ..hitting.. we are currently working on nice touches .. especially when we want something REALLY bad and mommy can't figure out exactly what it is... Thus resulting in mommy receiving a good whack across the face.... immediately followed by a time out for Miss Sophia .. oh the joys..

Even with a few bumps in the road we are having a fabulous summer but missing Daddy like crazy. Hopefully you will see him in our pictures soon :)

Much love!
The Thompson Fam

Thursday, July 22

And I brag..

So life with a toddler is a roller coaster ride that never ends. I know I post a lot on my struggles as I maneuver through toddler hood but today I will boast.
We had a major supermarket break though last week and I feel I need to share.

Last week I needed to do some MAJOR grocery shopping. I loaded up Sophia we hit the farmers market early then went to the store. In all honesty, the odds were stacked against me. We were at  the Commissary ( the army's grocery store), it was payday weekend (in the army that means EVERYONE Is at the commissary) and we were dangerously close to lunch and nap time. So with all these potential disasters staring me in the face, I took at deep breath and we head into the store.

You know what!? Sophia DID AMAZING. Granted I sang the ABC's not kidding you at least 100 times. ( I am sure everyone at the store appreciated my lovely singing voice)  Either way she didn't have a single meltdown. No real screaming issues (except for that one time. Immediately following her scream a little boy about Sophia's ages screamed back. His Mother gave me the dagger eyes ..ooops.) Amazingly, we made it out alive!!

Honestly, I was so proud of my little munchkin.I know it was just a trip to the store but it was so much more. It was a little glimmer of hope that someday this crazy trip through toddler hood will eventually end. Someday, I won't be that frantic mom flying through the grocery store with a child half hanging out of the cart and groceries flying out just as quickly as I am throwing them in.

Well... that is unless we decided to have baby number 2 ;)

Lots of Love,
The Thompson Fam

Monday, July 19

The scream

In the last month Sophia has developed and perfected "THE SCREAM." It's Loud, It is very VERY high pitched(some days I swear she is giving Mariah Carey a run for her money) and it annoys the heck out of me. Not to mention the innocent bystander within.. oh.. a TWO MILE radius. It makes the dogs go nuts and scrambles the phone when we are talking to Stephen. Might I add.. this scream set off our glass break detector on our house alarm system.This Scream needs to STOP. I have tried almost everything! This is only a nine second snippet. Imagine living with this child and then imagine your significant other being away for a LONG time so there is no escaping. Ah.. pray for me:/
Love ,
The Thompson fam =)

Saturday, July 17

Living on the Edge

It occurred to me today that the meaning of "Living on the Edge" completely changed after I had Sophia.

Case in point... Pre Sophia living on the edge for me was scaling mountains in Australia.

Okay, not scaling so much as hiking down the side of a mountain, with a very clear path in front of me ...but either way I am afraid of heights so this was very edge worthy in my book :)

Post Sophia.. Living on the edge is going to the Grocery store within 2 hrs of nap time, really just going to the grocery store in general. With Sophia I never know which child I will get. The Sweet Sophia who is happy to sit in the cart and stare up at my beautiful face ..ehh.. or the my ornery Sophia who wants nothing to do with the cart, looking at my face or being anywhere near the grocery store.

There are other "living on the edge moments such as..

-Running to the mall without a stroller

-Going to any public place where there are people trying to converse, or concentrate.. this is VERY RISKY..(Sophia usually saves her loudest, high pitched screams for these places)

- Being outdoors. I mean what toddler can resist the endless opportunities to lick, touch ,chew anything and everything. I have to be on super duty when we are outdoors.. I never know what she will find!

-All in all life with a toddler is all about living on the edge. You never know what they are going to do next.. and worst yet.. You don't know what exactly they are capable of doing until it's done. I am constantly surprised by Sophia.. Good and bad.. everyday is something new!

Okay, so with Bo jovi's "living on the edge" lyrics now stuck in my head I will wrap this up.

Here is a picture of Sophia working on using her Spoon. A very risky event for my carpet.. as it never comes out unscathed from the wrath of this toddler and her spoon.

Lots of love ,
The Thompson fam

Thursday, July 15

Pictures of Pictures..

Today we went to get Soph's summer pictures taken. Can I just say.. I won't be having Sophia's picture taken without an extra set of hands.. EVER AGAIN!! I feel as if I just ran a marathon or at least a 5K .. I am exhausted!!

Now my scanner is in Iowa and my computer has no disc drive so you are getting the picture of pictures view. So they aren't the best quality but you get the idea.

The Red, White, and Blue outfit is the one Sophia will be wearing when Daddy FINALLY gets home!

Lots of Love,
The Thompson Fam =)

Thursday, July 8


So as you may have noticed I don't write about Stephen much in our family blog. There a quite a few reasons for that.The main reason being, the Army is a very funny community. With all their acronyms and code words and things you can say and can't say.. weird weird place I tell ya!

So with all this crazy lingo and mystery I never really know what I can and can't say. I mean I highly doubt "the bad guys" have any interest in reading our little blog but better safe than sorry am I right?

I have choose to follow my dear ol' dads famous words..He use to say "Sara, Don't overload your butt with your mouth." His way of saying .. WATCH WHAT YOU SAY. So as far as Stephen goes I don't say much.

I will say this, he is doing great! Working hard and making his family SO VERY PROUD! We love him. We miss him. We hope he comes home soon!

Lots of LOVE coming your way Stephen!!

We love you Stephen !!

The Thompson fam

Sunday, July 4

Happy 4th of July!!

** Sorry for the lag in updating.. Internet was down for a week or so .. Then my computer took a flying leap off the table and well... didn't survive. So after almost three weeks of no internet.. we are back online and blogging away!!

So we will start with the blog I was in the midst of writing just before our Internet went down.. enjoy :)

Happy Independence day!! We were blessed with a beautiful day here in Georgia/Alabama. This time of year usually brings heat and humidity like you wouldn't believe. This year the 4th was some what bearable and we headed to Fort Bennings annual Celebration. I was hesitant at first. I wasn't sure how my very free spirited little one and a gazillion people and soldiers would mix. It went surprisingly well and Soph had a blast!! She danced her little heart out , loved the fireworks and of course looks cute as could be in her festive attire ;)

You know the drill.. here are the pics.. enjoy =)

Such a little model ..

Loving the fireworks

As I said before.. she danced her little heart out =)

And she crashes...

Much Love,
The Thompson Fam =)