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Thursday, October 6

School days

Our latest adventure is in education.

After much though and prayer we decided to put Sophia in a English/Korean preschool. It has been an experience for sure but she LOVES it.

Hesitent at first, Stephen and I couldn't be happier with the school and the amazing cultural experience Sophia is getting.

Thank goodness for technology! Sophia's teacher is able to text me with pictures and messages about Sophia each day. (oh I am so that mom and I just can't help it:/)

One of the perks of this school is it is free :) I have agreed to teach english to her older students a few days a week in exchange for free tuition! Yay!

Here are a few pictures on Sophia and her class. Our little blond haired baby always stands out In a crowd but she really sticks out in her classroom;)

And for your viewing pleasure... I threw in a few of my first official preggo pics. 19 weeks and counting!! We have almost hit the half way point folks! So excited !!!

Last thing ... Sophia loves to skype (so do we) so any family and friends out there ... this is your friendly reminder to get on skype and add us:)
Lots of love !!!
The Thompson fam

Her preschool class and teacher Ms. Cloie

Making riceballs at school.. Thats right! Our picky little eater now eats rice :)

Her and some of her friends!!

Waving to her mama ;)

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