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Saturday, February 27

He's coming home

Stephen is on his way home to the frozen tundra of Iowa and he is bringing a heat wave with him YAY!! It will be a whoppin 32 degrees when he flies in (one sign we have been up north to long.. when 32 degrees becomes warm.. We need to head down South asap)
We are so ready for him to get here and will keep you posted on all the fun we have in the next two weeks!
I will leave you with a picture some of Stephen's welcome home gifts....

The Thompson Fam

Tuesday, February 23

Clean no more..

Part of Stephens birvalannivhome day present.. (**that is birthday, valentines, anniversary, homecoming day present ) I went and had his care detailed inside and out. I was so very excited about this. If you know my husband you know how clean he likes his vehicles. If you know me, then you know how trash just finds my car and crawls in.(I have been driving the truck for 6 months so it was due for a cleaning) The vehical was detailed Sunday and LOOKED GREAT! Today, Sophia was feeling under the weather so I took her to the Doctor. She had a sinus infection ( I could believe that) but they also said she had the stomach flu( not so much did I believe that) Not until we pulled in the Target parking lot and Sophia proceeded to "loose her breakfast" so to speak all over the newly detailed car and then me. So my thought is maybe with kids its just easier to keep the car messy.. because in all reality how long is it really going to stay clean for?

Oh and in case you are wondering.. yes we did go into target puked on and all.. as mortified as i was.. I had to get the munchkin her pedialite. That my friends is the life of a mom :)

Wednesday, February 17

We hope you all had a wonderful valentines day!! I was lucky enough to see my sweetheart on the web cam and make my our little sweetie a special valentines day breakfast..Complete with Heart shaped pancakes and sausage :)

The Thompson fam:)
P.S. Less than two weeks and we get to see Stephen.. to use the word excited would be an understatement:)

Friday, February 12

Good Morning Sunshing..

Good Morning Sunshine... Or not..

Sophia is slowly morphing into her father :) She has to wake up and have her cup of milk and a few morning cartoons before she is ready to start her day.. until that has happened WATCH OUT!! lol

Monday, February 8

Happy Birthday Stephen!!

It is official Stephen turns the big 3-0 today!! Happy birthday my love! We miss you and cant wait to see you here soon! I thought I would post a few pictures of Stephen here in honor of his big day :) Love you honey!!

Here is a picture of the birthday boy hard at work last year :)

And here is the birthday boy and his princess :)

Our First Halloween in the neighborhood and THIS is what he choose to wear to pass out candy.. you can imagine the outcome...

These pics are courtesy of Stephen's mom (thank you) .. He was just the cutest little kiddo ever!!

Happy Birthday Stephen! We love you and miss you!!

Saturday, February 6

Screaming Sophie..

Okay so today I had my very first screaming child experience. I have heard and witnessed plenty of screaming, squealing, snotty nosed, red faced, tear filled toddlers when I have been to the mall. I have also always been able to walk away from these toddlers thinking .. YIKES my kid will never act like that.. and the JOKES ON ME!!
As I was browsing the mens section trying to find Stephen some clothes for R&R .. Sophia has a massive break down. We are talking tears, snot, high pitched screams that sound like she has been traumatized but in all actuality I was just offering her some water and her blanky. I had people staring, shaking their heads and giving me what felt like "Your THAT mom"look. Any other time I would have walked to the car and called it quits but I was waiting on my mom and nephew so I had to just go with it. So I walked in circles shhhhhing her and trying to calm her down. Lets just say this didn't work. She continued to scream, kick , squeal and I continued to turn a brighter shade of red out of embarrassment. Finally, she calmed down and fell asleep but that short period of extreme toddler terror time brought a few things to light. First, I will never judge another parent EVER. Second, there are those who have no patients for upset children in public places but there are also plenty of people who give you that .. been there done that look. That is the look that gets you through these embarrassing and uncontrollable moments. Lastly, I realize this is just a sneak peek into the terrible two years yippie.

On a side note...during all this I was so frazzled I forgot to change Sophia's diaper(there goes my mom of the year award.. ) .. so after her nap when my nephew went to pick her up ,she proceeded to pee right through her diaper all over him soaking herself and giving my nephew a minor heart attack. Thank goodness we were at Target.. My nephew lathered himself up in their endless supply of hand sanitizer and I picked Soph up a new pair of pants and we were good to go. Lesson learned yet again...

Sitting pretty ...

So today was a great day for us! Not only did we find out Stephen's R&R has been moved up a few weeks .. YAY !! I also found this super duper cute chair for little miss Sophia.. I am telling you she will be sitting pretty.. Also a UHAUL will be needed to get us back to Home Sweet Home Alabama...

Sophia is still getting use to sitting.. for a kid who never sits still this could be a challenge..I'll let you know how it goes :)

Love, The Thompson fam!

Tuesday, February 2

Hello February so glad to see you!! In a relatively short time Stephen will be home with us for two whole weeks and let me tell you , I CAN'T Wait!! We aren't planning to much while he is here. I am going to let him decided since he is the one that has been stuck in a "sand box" for six months:) Either way I will be sure to post some pictures and stories :)

Little Sophia had to have an Upper GI scan today and I thought I would post a picture of her in the stylish hospital gown. The test went well and they have determined she does has reflux but she will be just fine. We will just have to tweak her diet a bit and give her some medicine and she will be good as new :)

Now I will brag..

So we were walking through the mall with our friend Becky the other day when the lady at flash (photography) asked if she could take Sophia' picture for free. ( I would like to think she did this because our daughter is so stinkin cute that she just HAD TO take her pictures or else she couldn't go on with her day. In all actuality I think it was a scheme to get me in there to buy pictures)

Long Story short after about a million super cute pictures.. this is the one I just loved!!

Till next time
Lots of love-The Thompson fam