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Wednesday, November 10

Baby Bumblebee...

Halloween isn't my favorite holiday .. probably my LEAST favorite. As a teacher I hated the day after Halloween. Kids coming down from their sugar high.. worse yet.. kids still on a sugar high because they had two twix and a whatchamacallit for breakfast... ugh..

Anyways..Bad Halloween feeling aside Sophia dressed up and we went trick or treating.She ate chocolate and we had a grand ol' time.

Stephen had full reign on Costume choosing this year since he missed her first Halloween. I must say he did a FABULOUS job.. Sophia was the cutest darn bumblebee at Nebraska furniture mart!! We went trick or treating at NFM because we were in Kansas and Kansas is COLD. So we opted for a inside trick or treating event :)
Here are some pictures of our sweet lil' bumblebee...

Much Love !
The Thompson Family

One Love

When Stephen and I got married it was small. When I say Small I mean .. Me, Stephen, my two wonderful friends and a very cute little old judge in a Furry Russian hat. We had a quick lunch after and before I knew it the recruiter took my husband away and we didn't see each other until the next morning. Not exactly the wedding of my dreams but I was marring the man I love and had people who loved and supported us by our side. Oh, did I mention we wore hoodies? Yep, I was sporting my Cyclone gear at our wedding.  Our reason for the hoodie wedding was simple. We made a promise to ourselves that we WOULD have a wedding. Everyone made it clear to us that  "everyone says that..but no one actually DOES it " well..WE DID IT!
We recently came back from Jamaica where we were married on the beach. White dress, handsome husband, cake, champagne and paradise all around us. It was amazing and I feel blessed we were able to do this for ourselves.
 I loved my husband the day I married him. I thought my heart couldn't love him more the day we had sweet Sophia. He left for Iraq and I thought my heart would break. I had never felt more love for him than I did watching him walk away. Then we spent a year apart and we found a new type of love for each other. I loved him even more. So to be blessed with the chance to tell him how I felt that special day on that beach was amazing.

Walking down the isle

You may kiss your bride

Our amazing Jamaican fruit cake.. YUMMY

Our private dinner on the beach...

Just for fun ;)

lol ;)
Much Love,
 The Thompson Fam