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Sunday, July 31

And in other news...

Well August is right around the corner (tomorrow) and life is starting to get CRAZY!! If you don't believe me take a look at my August Calendar...

There isn't a day that we don't have someone coming or going or we aren't coming or going ect. Did I mention they come to get all our stuff the 3rd of Aug. yet we don't leave until the 15th to go to Iowa.. ugh..

Imagine, Me and my very lively 2 yr old in a house with NOTHING not even a TV to lean on when mommy needs some sanity time. NOTHING.. At least I know Sophia and I are going to have some good ol' quality time before the big move.

Stephen had his Farewell dinner last night and it was great!! We have been blessed to have made some pretty amazing friends here at Fort Benning. Friends that we will dearly miss and I wish they could just come with us ! Here are some pics for the night :)

Sophia LOVES Cake!

Sophia's present for her airplane ride :)

Thank you Gloria for making such an amazing farewell gift for Stephen.. this will be the first thing we hang up in our new home :)

Deanna made us another amazing cake.. That large doll represents our little Sophia taking over South Korea ;)

As soon as the movers have come and gone and we get the house in renting order we will be off to Iowa and Kansas for some family time :)

One last thing...

Here is our Sweet Sophia in her Brand spankin new shirt..Go on.. Read what the shirt says..

That's right.. Sophia is going to be a BIG SISTER!! We are expecting a new little bundle of Joy on February 29th, 2012(betcha didn't know it was leap year huh) .. We didn't until just a few weeks ago ;)
So our crazy little army life is about to get a bit crazier!!I am 10 weeks now and will be about 15 weeks when we fly out for Korea so hopefully the terrible nausea and extreme exhaustion will have passed by then!

Well that is about all we have on our end..

Much love,
The Thompson fam :)