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Saturday, March 27

Silly Sophia

It's been a rough few weeks since Stephen went back to Iraq.. but this little angel keeps me laughing... always!


The Thompson fam!

Sunday, March 21

Miss Smarty Pants..

Today my little princess again decided to use her rocking chair as an object of her dare devilish anticts. Eventually she lost her lil' rocker and was left to watch The Letter Factory on the floor.

Well, apperently little princesses do not watch TV on the floor...because I turned around for a second and next thing I knew she had made her own princess pallet :)

**Yes, that is a super sams size roll of paper towels we have yet to put away**

Lil' Smarty pants :)

Friday, March 19

No, No Sophia

Today is one of those days where every time I turn around Soph is getting into something and I am saying No, no Sophia. Then after a firm NO the lil munchkin proceeds to stop what she is doing walk away and giggle. Affective yes, until 5 min later. Her playtime fav is to either stand on her rocking chair or acting like bam bam off of the Flintstones and throwing her toys across the room...(we're talking her activity table and her princess car..not just a lil' old stuff animal)

Needless to say before we hit nap time most toys have been put up ,she is not happy and I am just exhausted.

When I taught preschool and was directing the parents came to me for advice on discipline and behavior. I not being a parent but an educator at the time, would tell them what thought was affective or do some research to give them the best BOOK advice. I now wonder how they felt about this advice. Now that it's MY child running head first into her terrible two's and I am shakin in my boots , I pray that god gives me the strength to teach this precious angle right and wrong.

No book can prepare you for the Patience it takes to say no ,no a million times a day. You wouldn't think one, two letter word could wear a person out but today I am BEAT.

(the book No! David comes to mind as I am writing this)

So I sit here sipping my wine, missing my husband, and thinking just how much I love this little stinker and how blessed I am to have her in my life (no matter how many times I say NO!NO! in a day.)

P.S. On a more positive note.. Sophia can now point to her nose (she recently just discovered her nostril's ... that has been fun) , eyes , ears and her belly button :) Did I mention I love this girl !!!

Thursday, March 18

No Mush here...

I promised a less mushy post so here ya go...

The many silly faces of Sophia :)

Caged animal comes to mind with this photo

Snuggling in daddy's arms - sleepy face

Peek-A-Boo Face

Chocolate face :)

Annoyed with mommy face

Super cutie face

This one will be shown at her wedding ;)

Much love,

The Thompson Fam :)

Wednesday, March 17

Daddy's girl

Well R&R has come and gone. We needed those 15 days more than either of us even knew. I loved the extra set of hands to help me with Sophia and I know Sophia loved her daddy being here... I thought she was going to be a mama's girl but was quickly reminded she will toss me aside in a second for her daddy :)

I cannot put into words the amount of Joy and Love that I felt seeing these two reconnect and form such a strong and loving bond. It truly makes me believe that God has a plan for us all no matter how daunting the path, in the end there is a reward. This my friend is my reward these two beautiful people who have been given to me :)

I leave you with a few versus from John Lennon's song Starting Over.. Stephen shared this song with me a few months back and it really says it all..

Our life together is so precious together
We have grown, we have grown
Although our love is still special
Let's take a chance and fly away somewhere alone

It's been too long since we took the time
No-one's to blame, I know time flies so quickly
But when I see you darling
It's like we both are falling in love again
It'll be just like starting over, starting over

Less mushy post later...
Much Love,
The Thompson Fam:)

Monday, March 8

R&R week one :)

Our first few days of R&R were spend getting well.. Stephen had the flu and Sophia was under the weather as well. We are all feeling better now and are having so much fun spending quality time together.
Here is a snippet of week one...

Sophia "Monkeying" around

At Alice in Wonderland..we were looking very stylish in our 3D glasses :)

Morning Kisses for her Daddy

Breakfast of Champions (according to daddy) .. Chocolate chip pancakes :)

Impromptu date night.. thank you Gma J :)

Thursday, March 4

Daddy's Home!

Finally R&R is here... we were able to get gate passes and meet Daddy right when he walked of the plane! Here are some pics!!

Waiting on Daddy to get to the airport

Our first hug... I had been waiting 6 months for this!!

Family Photo :)

Here are some Presents for daddy :)

We have lots planned and intend on making the most of our 15 days together.. I will leave you with one last photo.. and this one is my favorite :)

Much Love,

The Thompson Fam :)