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Tuesday, April 28

We are now blogging.. Well.. We loved our old website but it was just to much of a pain to keep up. Since Sophia is keeping me so busy I thought a blog would be more appropriate... Plus blogs are just so much fun!!

Well Sophia is almost 5 months old and she is doing all sorts of things!! She has met all her milestones for her age and has completed most of her 6 month milestones. I think we may have a genius on our hands people..lol !! She is just overall the happiest baby ever! Loves her sweet peas and green beans .. and of course is crazy about her mommy and daddy!! She is a little over 13lbs now which the doctor said is perfect for her age!! She is just an angle!! Stephen and I are doing great!!

Stephen went through WLC school last month and was gone a lot! Sophia and I missed him but are glad his has that over with! We spent this last weekend at Callaway gardens where were had a picnic by the lake and then went biking .. It was beautiful!! So many things to see and I know little Sophia loved it!!

I am still planning on staying at home for the time being.. I am having to much fun watching Sophia grow and learn!! So wonderful!! That is it for now!! I promise to keep this blog spot updated weekly!!

We miss and love you all!! The Thompson family!! We added some pictures of our latest adventure at Callaway Gardens

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