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Monday, May 10

Mama's day

Mother's Day was as beautiful as ever. I had my little princess by my side and Stephen sent me flowers and chocolate strawberries.. such a great guy:)

Sophia also took me out to my favorite South side Restaurant, Barrata's. Every time we go it never fails she has a melt down. No matter how prepared I am. This time Sophia gave me a little mother's day present. She entertained herself, let me sip a glass of wine and more importantly didn't MELT DOWN.
However, the 2 yr old at the table next to us had a major melt down..Oh his poor Mama how I felt her pain. The look of complete embarrasment on her face has been on my face a million times. So the following statement may make me a bad person ... BUT During this meltdown I had to smile to myself and thank god that for once.. it wasn't my lil munchkin melting down:)

Here is a pic of Sophia entertaining us all .. breadbaskets make the best hats don't ya think!?

Much love and Happy Mother's Day

The Thompson Fam :)

1 comment:

  1. Aww baby.. I'm glad you got to have a nice Mother's Day dinner and that Sophia was such great entertainment!! LOL. I miss you guys and love you with all my heart! You truly are an amazing wife and mother and I'm grateful for all that you have done for me!