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Monday, October 11

Daddy's girl

Stephen has been on leave (leave meaning  30 days of no work. A kind of  "pat on the back" for working for a year straight )

Anyway... we haven't done a whole lot mainly because Soph has been battling just about every virus out there. Meaning the first week of Stephens leave has been spent in the house recovering, getting sick again, recovering, yada yada and the cycle continues.She is on the mend now and hopefully stays that way!!

Sickness or not it has been AMAZING to watch the bond between Stephen and Sophia grow a little more each day. She loves her daddy and he loves his little princess.

All of our children :)

Happy Family

Finally we kind of have some fall weather

She had the flu.. Note to self.. toddlers do not get the concept of a "puke bowl"

Our little beauty

Daddy came home with this cool little princess car for his little princess...

He is already working on making her a die hard chiefs fan..

Much love!
The Thompson fam :)

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