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Wednesday, November 10

Baby Bumblebee...

Halloween isn't my favorite holiday .. probably my LEAST favorite. As a teacher I hated the day after Halloween. Kids coming down from their sugar high.. worse yet.. kids still on a sugar high because they had two twix and a whatchamacallit for breakfast... ugh..

Anyways..Bad Halloween feeling aside Sophia dressed up and we went trick or treating.She ate chocolate and we had a grand ol' time.

Stephen had full reign on Costume choosing this year since he missed her first Halloween. I must say he did a FABULOUS job.. Sophia was the cutest darn bumblebee at Nebraska furniture mart!! We went trick or treating at NFM because we were in Kansas and Kansas is COLD. So we opted for a inside trick or treating event :)
Here are some pictures of our sweet lil' bumblebee...

Much Love !
The Thompson Family

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