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Sunday, January 30

tomseun-eun hangug-eulo gago issseubnida

After weighting our options and praying like crazy we have finally as a family made a final decision...

tomseun-eun hangug-eulo gago issseubnida .. THE THOMPSON'S ARE MOVING TO KOREA!!!!

Okay I know .. you are thinking.. ARE YOU CRAZY.. and yes may be a little.. but let's face it you have to be a little crazy in this crazy military life. Our family has endured a year long deployment and at this point two years together is to WONDERFUL to pass up... even if we are going to the single most  homogeneous country in the world. That being said the country is very modernized and safe. It's not the good ol' US of A but it will be a cool place to live for 2 years.

North Korea.. That is looming in the back of your head isn't it ? Well Don't you worry because we are not to worried. North Korea is a nothing more than an annoyance to the Korea's so I am told. I figure if they aren't worried than I am not going to be. I also believe in the Army enough to know they would keep us safe if we were ever in harms way. I don't anticipate this happening at all while we are living there.

We were pretty much devastated when we lost our chance to go to Italy. God has a funny way of working and by taking Italy away from us he gave a a HUGE  gift. If we had moved to Italy Stephen WOULD have deployed to Afghanistan for another year.. YUCK..
Best Part about  Korea is Stephen will never deploy!! YIPPEE!! Out of harms way for two WHOLE years!!

SEPTEMBER is when we will hopefully be heading over there. Stephen reports early Sept and I am praying we can go with him at that time.  If not then I will be making the trip with Sophia and the dogs solo. 14 hrs straight on a plane alone with a 2 yr old frightens me !!  Last time I was on a plane that long, I was on my way to Australia popped an ambien and was out for the flight. I won't have that luxury this time lol...

Anyways.. we wanted to share the news and hopefully you all will be as excited for us as we are :) The coming months are going to be filled with all the craziness that PCS's (psst...that's army jargon for permanent change of duty Station  ) will bring but we promise we will be visiting family and friends before we make the big move!

salang manh-eun( Lots of Love)
The Thompson fam!!

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