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Thursday, May 26

The many faces of Sophia...

I am feeling lazy today, so you lucky folks get pictures..not just pictures but pictures that will give you a peek into the funny little personality of our sweet, sweet Sophia...

oooo... not getting what I want face
3 am car ride face

Cheeser face

Gold medalist 2022 in training ... face

Bunny Face

DIVA ..face..

YAY! Disney World ..face..

BOO...Disney World OVERLOAD ..face..

The WOW face

OMG .. one stinkin cute princess

Last but not least.. the happy face :)
I mean really who could ever get sick of that face :)

Much Love,
The Thompson Fam:)

1 comment:

  1. love the pics baby, and good job keepin up witht the blog