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Tuesday, February 2

Hello February so glad to see you!! In a relatively short time Stephen will be home with us for two whole weeks and let me tell you , I CAN'T Wait!! We aren't planning to much while he is here. I am going to let him decided since he is the one that has been stuck in a "sand box" for six months:) Either way I will be sure to post some pictures and stories :)

Little Sophia had to have an Upper GI scan today and I thought I would post a picture of her in the stylish hospital gown. The test went well and they have determined she does has reflux but she will be just fine. We will just have to tweak her diet a bit and give her some medicine and she will be good as new :)

Now I will brag..

So we were walking through the mall with our friend Becky the other day when the lady at flash (photography) asked if she could take Sophia' picture for free. ( I would like to think she did this because our daughter is so stinkin cute that she just HAD TO take her pictures or else she couldn't go on with her day. In all actuality I think it was a scheme to get me in there to buy pictures)

Long Story short after about a million super cute pictures.. this is the one I just loved!!

Till next time
Lots of love-The Thompson fam

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