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Tuesday, February 23

Clean no more..

Part of Stephens birvalannivhome day present.. (**that is birthday, valentines, anniversary, homecoming day present ) I went and had his care detailed inside and out. I was so very excited about this. If you know my husband you know how clean he likes his vehicles. If you know me, then you know how trash just finds my car and crawls in.(I have been driving the truck for 6 months so it was due for a cleaning) The vehical was detailed Sunday and LOOKED GREAT! Today, Sophia was feeling under the weather so I took her to the Doctor. She had a sinus infection ( I could believe that) but they also said she had the stomach flu( not so much did I believe that) Not until we pulled in the Target parking lot and Sophia proceeded to "loose her breakfast" so to speak all over the newly detailed car and then me. So my thought is maybe with kids its just easier to keep the car messy.. because in all reality how long is it really going to stay clean for?

Oh and in case you are wondering.. yes we did go into target puked on and all.. as mortified as i was.. I had to get the munchkin her pedialite. That my friends is the life of a mom :)

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