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Monday, December 6

Happy birthday Princess

Two years ago our world changed when Sophia came into our lives and made everything brighter!! She was so easy on me... Slept through the night almost right away, never fussed and was always ALWAYS HAPPY.

Now at the ripe ol' age of TWO.. She is little MISS INDEPENDENT!! She knows what she wants and will try her hardest to get it. She can count to fifteen and say her abc's although not always in order and around E it gets a bit hairy but she tries :) She is the sweetest little thing in the world and god has blessed us greatly.

We were lucky enough to have some wonderful friends help us celebrate Sophia's big day. Here are some pictures from the party!!

Sophia is a HUGE NEMO fan so our friend made Sophia's cake.. It was AMAZING! Sophia LOVED IT!!

The Birthday Princess


I think this was the highlight of her little Two year old life lol..

Oh I just love her.. She is SUCH A GIRL!!

Cake time..

Playing with her friends..

The birthday girl

Much Love ,
The Thompson Fam

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