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Saturday, August 21

Still Waiting

Well, We are still waiting for Stephen to get home. Everyones patients are wearing and  I am trying to remember it is all in God's hands and he has a plan. This however is easier said than done. We are so close to the end but unfortunatly the Army seems  in no hurry to get him home. We are hoping to see him sometime in the next couple week.
Sophia and I are trying to stay busy but time has a way of standing still when you are anxiously awaiting your soldiers arrival. We are ready and will wait as long as it takes :)

Here are a few pictures to show you just how we feel right about now.
Come on .. Bring my daddy home already ..
Hey !!! I WANT MY DADDY!!!
Now she is REALLY MAD!!!
On a positive note.. Gma J sent Soph some very Snazzy Sneakers last week. Very sparkly, very shiny and when she walks they light up and twinkle.
Showing of her new sneaks
And.. testing them out.. fabulous!

Hopefully my next update contains lots of pictures of Hugging, kissing and a family FINALLY back together agian.

Until then.. Much love!
The Thompson fam~

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