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Monday, August 9


So it occurred to me today as I was listening to Jason Mraz and Elmo Singing the Sesame street version of I'm yours.... just how my musical genera has changed.

I remember back in the day.. I use to love to lay down, put on my ipod and get lost in the music. Just stop and breath, clear my mind and listen. White Stripes, Dylan, Counting crows.. oh how I miss you..

Fast forward to today: To lay down and listen to music DOES NOT HAPPEN. If I am laying down I am  SLEEPING. If I am listening to music it is.. 9 times out of 10... either Sophia's play list on my ipod or our very silly song CD. So desperate for some inkling of my old music.. I went and bought Ziggy Marley's Children's CD.

So I am behind on the times when it comes to music. I have found myself enjoying the "light 100 music " station  (Gasp) .. and even more embarrassing to admit.. on this "light" station is the John Tesh Radio show... Which I have come quite fond of..

I can hear you laughing now..

In my defense the man is full of all sorts of little wisdoms and facts about life... I just can't help but listen. Don't worry I have not started wearing mom jeans or driving a mini van so there is STILL hope for me. Although I would love a mini van :)

Did I just say that out loud!?

I know you all are dying to here the sweet sounds of Jason Mraz and Elmo.. So here ya go .. ENJOY!..

I couldn't have a blog w/o a Sophia picture.. here she is  dancing to some of her silly songs!!
Stephen update: He is still in Iraq. His replace is Still here BUT she leaves soon. So depending on weather, paper work, flight schedules and anything else the army throws at us.. we should see Stephen in a few weeks :) YIPPIE!
Lots of Love,
 The Thompson Fam

1 comment:

  1. I laughed out loud because I too would love to drive a mini van with the key chain that I just push a button and all the doors open up, I have no idea what is new and up-to-date in the world, and I haven't listened to my own music in forever. I would prefer to listen to talk radio, especially if it makes me laugh, because it feels like some adult interaction. Your blog made me laugh, but also made me feel like I'm not the only one:-)