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Tuesday, December 21

Hello 29!

Well I am officially on the last leg of my 20's and honestly am not to upset about this in the least. When I think back to my early 20's as fun and wild as the times may have been nothing can compare to life now. Yeah I may be in bed by 9 pm most nights and up by 6, My "bar clothes" have been traded for more "mommy clothes" but I love ever minute of it.
I am so blessed that god has truly given me so many AMAZING things in my life. I am so happy where my 20's have taken me. I cannot wait to hit my 30's and see what is in store :)

I was blessed to have Stephen here this year for my Birthday and as always he made it special!! We went out to my favorite pizza place and then spent the evening playing Wii with friends :) Again .. so different than I would have spent my birthday in my early 20's yet so much fun. Here are some pics from my Big day ;)
My Birthday tiramsu

Playing the wii..

4 man rowing team..

My love

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