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Friday, September 16

Almost home

Our Korean journey continues with our first bullet train ride. The ride was great and the Korean country side beautiful. However, getting 6 pieces of luggage , 4 carry ons, a car seat, a stroller and a very cranky two year old off in three minuets was another story. Thanks to some good ol fashion thompson team work we made it with everything & everyone.
Now we are looking at a 15 night stay in a hotel. After that we will say hello to our new home. Oh the beauty that is military housing. It is nothing fancy but it beats living in a hotel room!

Day one in daegu was spent walking all over. This post is so tiny I not only ran into one of the only three people I know here but also ran into Stephen. Totally different from Benning but I really do think we will like it here.

The first week here was filled with army mumbo jumbo .. aka a lot if hurry up and waiting, mindless briefings where someone reads word for word from a slide. ( I hate when ppl do this btw) Then some more waiting..

Our second weekend was spent exploring what is downtown daegu. I think i died and went to shopping heaven!! Store after store of very cool very corky stuff. These Koreans have a style all their own. Its a bedazzlers heaven ...even their appliances have flare!! I mean I have always wanted a pink sparkly refrigerator... But who would have guess they really exist!!!

We have indulged in the korean food. Stephen is in heaven ... I am still Leary. Case In point..I was so excited to eat what I though was a chicken skewer. These things looked amazing and smelled even better. Bless the man who spoke just enough English to warn me those were chicken hearts. Ugh!!

Oh and I bet you didn't know our sweet Sophia is a star? Well no, but it sure feels that way. The koreans love here and she loves the attention and occasional free gift lol .

Lastly, Stella is doing wonderfully at a whopping 6 oz. We met our doctor who speaks absolutely no english but seems nice :) we have a very nice translator who at times I feel I need a translator to understand lol. Oh the joys of an overseas birth. Honestly , we were very impressed and I am feeling a lot better about this whole baby in Korea thing :)

Hope that catches you all up!

Lots of love !
The Thompson fan

Ps this was written on my I phone which has a mind of it's own. That said ..I Blane all mistakes on the I phone also that's why the pics are so random.

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