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Saturday, September 3

Busy is an understatement!

To say the last month has been a blur doesn't even explain our life! Since the beginning of August we have said goodbye to all of our things until we see them again in Korea (hopefully by October.)  We have made the cross country journey to Iowa and Kansas and then back to Alabama again. We have spent a week in a cabin in the woods (literally a cabin in the woods) with no Internet or phone service. Talk about feeling secluded. Now we are happy to be back in the 21st century staying at a friends until we head to Atlanta on Monday.

We also had found out some exciting news this week... Our sweet little peanut is a GIRL ..Stella Grace:) We couldn't be happier.. I really thought it was a boy only because this pregnancy was SO different from what I experienced with Sophia.Now that we know she is a girl..  I went ahead an purchased her first bow today and my bow lady has agreed to ship all the way to Korea .. YAY!!

Here are some pictures from the last month.. Until next time.. Much love from the Thompson fam;)

Last night with the fam

Aunt Amy gave Sophia her first real hair cut!!

Our Cabin in the woods

This really has no relevance to anything but .. isn't she just so cute!
Next time you read this blog the Thompson family will officially be in Korea :) Wish us luck and please keep us in your prayers!!

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