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Sunday, September 11

Hello Korea!

In the past few months I have tried hard to imagine what to expect when we touched down in Korea. I had images in my mind but man it is NOTHING like I ever thought it would be.

Much cleaner, much more metropolitan  and so beautiful. The colors at night , the green trees and mountains during the day. Seoul is absolutely beautiful. We really do like it here. The Koreans are very friendly and LOVE Sophia... Sometimes to a point of freaking the poor girl out lol. 

Our flight was long. Made longer by a 2 hour delay on the tarmac. Sophia had her moments. There were a couple times I contimplated jumping from the plan;) After 27 hours of straight travel we touched down in Seoul. We hit a few speed bumps trying to get max out of customs but after a few phone calls we were able to have him the next day:) 

Our Hotel is pretty nice and in a great location for us to walk or take cabs just about everywhere. 

I am lucky enough to have a friend here so on Thursday we went to the Aquarium and Sophia LOVED it!! We also ventured out on our own the other night and found a Korea restaurant . No one spoke English but we were able to figure out what to eat and everything was delicious. That right there gives me hope ;)

We are staying here in Seoul until Stephen is finished in Processing into his unit. Once that is over we will head down to Dague where we hopefully have a on post house (aka tinie tiny apartment)  waiting for us. Fingers crossed.

We are all doing well and really enjoying our time here so far. People are friendly and the weather has been great! Now if we could just shake this darn jet lag ...

Here are just a few pictures from our trip :)

Six pieces of luggage, four carry on's, a stroller, a toddler and a car seat= A lot of work !!

I thought I would share a happier moment from the flight ...

Fun at the aquarium

This is some kind of beef bulgogi .. It looks gross but it was sooo yummy!!
Much Love !
The Thompson fam!

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  1. So glad you're settling in so well here! Try a beefy leafy place next if you haven't already! Soooo good!