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Sunday, April 18

Grocery Store Blues

In the last month or so.. I have DREADED the thought of taking Sophia to the grocery store for many reasons.. here are just a few

1) Everything I throw into the cart will inevitably be thrown right back out

2) To actually get Sophia in the cart, buckled in and situated makes me break a sweat

3) No matter how detailed and organized my list is .. it with either get ripped up by a certain toddler or throw out out of the cart when I am not looking but the same certain toddler resulting in no list at all.

4) Screaming.. need I say more !

Today at walmart I learned an important lesson, while picking up the items that were just thrown out of the cart , watch for other falling items. Case in point .. I took a block of Colby cheese to the head while picking up the shredded mozzarella.

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