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Wednesday, April 14

Lions, Butterflies and Molars.. oh my!

This week has been rough on poor little Sophia.. the big bad molars are rearing their ugly heads and making her life miserable. So my plan was to keep her as busy as possible so maybe, just maybe the pain won't be quite as bad... okay and I did this to keep my own sanity! If you have ever been stuck at home with a teething, frustrated toddler then you know how the walls start closing in QUICK!

So Monday we took an impromptu trip to the Zoo and Tuesday we packed up and heading to my old stomping grounds.. Ames, Ia.. Go Cyclones!!

This chicken was AMAZING to Sophia :)

Here is our little princess enjoying Reiman Gardens

We are lucky enough to have the LARGEST garden gnome in the U.S. right in Ames, Ia.. Who knew ?!

I just love her !!

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