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Monday, April 5

It's a Beautiful day

I haven't posted in a week or so because last week was BEAUTIFUL! 70's all week long! Sophia and I spend the entire week outside :) Here are some pics of our little princess soaking up some sun :)

Sophia Love, love , loves the swing at the park.. she has no fear!

The next few pics are of Sophia meeting Grandpa John, My dad who passes away almost 11 years ago. I look forward to sharing all the great memories I had with my her grandpa.It was important to me that we went to visit and I am glad we did. It was VERY windy but we enjoyed our time and put this pretty pink flower on his grave. I know he is very proud of his beautiful granddaughter.

1 comment:

  1. Great pictures baby!! The one with Sophia holding the Flower was the sweetest picture ever!! I know your Dad was looking down and smiling at his 2 beautiful and amazing girls! I love you to the moon Sara Darlin!!!!!