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Thursday, June 10

Packing TETRIS

I hate packing. I hate organizing and I especially hate loading and unloading. Now add two dogs and a very active 1 year old to the mix. I am asking for trouble.

We had originally planned on taking two cars back to Alabama. Then at the last second I decided what the hay it will all fit in my itzy bity Tacoma. AHHHH

So Now I have my mom, Sophia, two dogs, two car seats, two strollers(yes, I am aware I only have one child)toys, clothes, clothes and more clothes.

So anyways Please pray as we try and play the ultimate game of Packing Tetris to fit all of our life in the back of a pick up truck to head home.

Thus is the life of a Military Wife. Pack and move , pack and move. I would appreciate a packing 101 class if they are going to keep us moving all the time. The least they could do .. I mean really!?

And so I leave you with the following picture. This was our vehicle on the Way to Iowa. Yes, my child is in there Somewhere and no this probably wasn't safe. What is the saying, Hindsight is always 20/20 right?! So to avoid this cluttered disaster I have enlisted the help of some friends. 1. Space bags, space bags, space bags 2. The always handy Black Box 3. The U.S. Postal Service

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