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Tuesday, June 15

Good bye Iowa it's been real

During high school and College I could have never imagined staying in Des Moines. I had it set in my mind I would get out of Des Moines and Iowa all together. I always thought there were bigger and better places out there somewhere.

Now after living here again for the last nine months I am going to miss this place. The people, the community, the life style. It's just a very comfortable place to be.The only thing missing is my husband and the warm southern weather year round. Even with the subzero temps I can totally see why it was voted #1 place to raise a family. Des Moines has almost everything you could ever want! Once that Trader Joe's gets here it will be near perfect ;)

I have lived in a few places and with the military I am certain I will call many different cities home in my lifetime. Home is where your heart is and my heart is where Stephen and the army takes us. Yet no matter how far we are a little piece of my heart will always be right here in Iowa. I will miss this place.

So I leave you with a few picture from Iowa.

Here is a picture of a few of my dear friends.Some I have know since we were three others since thirteen. Either way there is something to be said about long lasting friendships. What amazing ladies !!!

At the Zoo with Abby and Sam. Sophia loved Sam =)

Grandma J and Soph. I am going to miss having my mom around but I think Sophia is going to miss her even more. She LOVE, LOVE , LOVE's her Gma J!!!!

It's been real Des Moines. Next Stop Alabama.

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