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Sunday, June 27

Sweet Home Alabama

Well we made it home. I am quite happy we won't be making that drive again for awhile.

We have been home about a week and are finally getting settled in. Let me tell you a house that sits nine months can be pretty dusty. My mom and I spent the week cleaning and getting the house put together. (Thank goodness we had my mom here she was a life saver!)

I also found a new love this week. He is amazing. He made the last week SO much easier. I am not really sure where he has been all my life?! I call him THE CORDLESS DRILL. I was never a power tool kind of girl but after this last week I think I will be asking for my very own cordless drill for Christmas (in pink if possible..hint hint)

We love being home. Sophia loves her new room and her new big girl bed. We have had numerous dance parties already. If you have never "whooped" it up to Baby bumblebee you are missing out.

I am sure there is more to tell you all but we just purchased a very comfy bed and I am entirely to comfortable to think. So Good night all ! I leave you with picture of our time here so far.. Enjoy.

This is our little peanut Sleeping in her big girl bed for the first time ever!!

The next three pics are of Sophia's new bathroom :)

Sprinklers these days are way cooler than they used to be. Here is Soph cooling off with her wiggly worm sprinkler!

Lot of Love,

The Thompson Fam

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