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Tuesday, June 8

18 months ..

Today we had Sophia's 18 months well baby check up:) 18 MONTHS.. where has the time gone?!

As we sat in the well baby waiting area I was sandwiched smack in between two 5 day old 7lb baby girls.. AHHHH .. I had butterflies. It took all I had not to just help myself to holding one of the little peanuts. My baby fever may have just hit a new level but I digress..

When our little munchkin was born she was a whopping 6 lbs 7 oz and 19 inch's long.. She was just at 5 lbs 10oz when we took her home. Now our Princess is tipping the scales at 25.6 lbs and almost 33 inches long.

The doc says she is a genius.. a shear genius.. okay maybe not in those EXACT words.. but I am pretty sure that is what she meant. She is doing great and has exceeded all her developmental milestones for her age. She is so outgoing and on the go. I am loving every min of it! Her new favorite words this month is Bumble bee (bum ba beeeee),please (peezeee) and Thank you (dank doo) among many others:)

Well her is our big girl...

Always stylish..

The older they get .. the harder they play.. this is after a long day of building towers:)

Our pretty little girl!

Much Love,
Thompson fam :)

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