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Sunday, July 4

Happy 4th of July!!

** Sorry for the lag in updating.. Internet was down for a week or so .. Then my computer took a flying leap off the table and well... didn't survive. So after almost three weeks of no internet.. we are back online and blogging away!!

So we will start with the blog I was in the midst of writing just before our Internet went down.. enjoy :)

Happy Independence day!! We were blessed with a beautiful day here in Georgia/Alabama. This time of year usually brings heat and humidity like you wouldn't believe. This year the 4th was some what bearable and we headed to Fort Bennings annual Celebration. I was hesitant at first. I wasn't sure how my very free spirited little one and a gazillion people and soldiers would mix. It went surprisingly well and Soph had a blast!! She danced her little heart out , loved the fireworks and of course looks cute as could be in her festive attire ;)

You know the drill.. here are the pics.. enjoy =)

Such a little model ..

Loving the fireworks

As I said before.. she danced her little heart out =)

And she crashes...

Much Love,
The Thompson Fam =)

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