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Tuesday, January 26

Bye, bye baby...

Sophia is no longer a baby. She is a walking , talking, miniature adult. She has wants and needs all of which she has no problem expressing. She can sign and say Milk when she is thirsty. Numerous times in the day she will pick out a book (this weeks book of choice "Is your mama a Llama"), hand it to me then crawl up on my lap and laugh the entire time I am reading. When Stephen pops up on the computer she runs to it smiling, yelling DA DA over and over again. He will sing to her and she laughs and tries to sing back. She is no longer a baby ..nope.. not an ounce of baby left in her and that my friends gives me BABY FEVER. I want another one.. but first my husband needs to be in the same time zone I suppose :)

Welcome to toddler hood.. one of the many times in a day she test the limits .. I am told this will be a common occurrence for many years to come..

Her is our precious little girl just a few hours old... I remember how scared, excited, exhausted and wired we were that day . I don't think I had ever felt closer to Stephen in my life. What an amazing experience... I can't wait to do it again.. right honey!?! LOL..

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