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Thursday, January 28


I am posting this for a few reasons:
1. I am sitting here freezing my ______ (fill in the blank with word of choice) off here in Iowa and need something warm to day dream about.

2. So you can see where we will be getting "married", this time there will be no hoodies and jeans or court house. We will have the ocean as our backgdrop and the sand at our feet.

3. Lastly, so when I get the deployment blues I can just click on this link and get swept away with the amazing vacation I have to look forward to, just me and my hubby for 7 days!!

** Thank you G-ma J for agreeing to fly down and watch little Miss Sophia!! **

Here is the link.. we are staying at the Couples Negril in Jamacia. I cannot wait for October to get here!
http://www.couples.com/13cn/index.html ---->Sorry I have yet to figure out how to put a link in my blogs.. so you will have to copy and past in another browser. I am still new at this whole blog thing.

Love ya all,
Thompson fam

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