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Saturday, January 23

Walking hand in hand

Today I had a epiphany of sorts. I was at the mall standing behind a cute husband and wife couple. I watch the man put his arm around his wife's waist then draw her near him as he kissed her forehead so sweetly. After that he slipped his hand into hers and off they walked, hand in hand ,happily ever after. It was then my stomach sunk. That whole scene I had just witnessed was at one point an everyday occurrence in my life. Now it seemed so foreign to me. I had forgot what it feels like to have my forehead kissed, my hand held, given a hug from my husband. If it wasn't for Sophia, basic human touch would be all but forgotten. I have missed my husband everyday since he left, but today I missed him a little more.
Good thing I have the glass is always half full during deployment rule. This is my way of staying sane in times like this. When I feel sad, frustrated or that the light at the end of the tunnel is just a little too far away and dim..I make myself stop and throw a positive into the situation... so here it is..
Today, I also realized that we are getting to the half way point and soon enough I will have MY kiss on the forehead, I will have HIS hand to hold again and I will have my Husband back in my arms. Distance truly does make the heart grow fonder.

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