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Wednesday, January 20

A dogs life

I don't know that I have yet to introduce the other half of our family.. Max and Duritz. These guys were our babies before for our baby came along. Truth be told they still think they are the babies! Max is a 80lbs German Shepard and on most days thinks he is human and a lap dog. We have his loving father (Stephen) to thank for this.
Duritz is my little man that I got after I moved away from home. He was a rescue dog with a strong will and big heart. He and Stephen had some issues in the beginning.. Duritz did not take kindly to sharing me lol.. they worked it out and now we are a big happy family.
The dogs (and I) are missing our big back yard but we are making the best of it here in Iowa. The time is ticking away and soon we will be back where we belong :)
Here are a few pictures of our "babies"..

This is when we just brought Sophia home.. the dogs were so interested but good boys and didn't get to close.

The really are best friends.. so cute!!

Our Maxi poo :)

This is a before and after of Dru boo.. he had a bad hair cut yesterday.. we will be purchasing a sweater asap!!

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