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Saturday, January 16

Teachings from a Toddler

So, This week every time Sophia dropped something , anything at all, it was quickly followed by a loud, sassy, and very frustrated ERRRRRR noise before she picked it back up. When she first started making "the noise" I thought .. now who in the WORLD taught her to do that?! Then on Thursday I had one of those days. You know the days where you need to be 3 people to even attempt to get everything done. Well anyways, that day I noticed something, as I was attempting to make a lunch, entertain a very frustrated 1 year old and do the dishes all at once "it" happend. I opened the fridge and out flies the sour cream.. luckily it just falls no splatter but as I pick it up,a loud, sassy and very frustrated..ERRRRRRR comes out of my mouth. I freeze..after a week of pointing fingers on who taught Sophia "the noise" I realized.. IT WAS ME!! So yet another lesson learned..

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