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Saturday, July 17

Living on the Edge

It occurred to me today that the meaning of "Living on the Edge" completely changed after I had Sophia.

Case in point... Pre Sophia living on the edge for me was scaling mountains in Australia.

Okay, not scaling so much as hiking down the side of a mountain, with a very clear path in front of me ...but either way I am afraid of heights so this was very edge worthy in my book :)

Post Sophia.. Living on the edge is going to the Grocery store within 2 hrs of nap time, really just going to the grocery store in general. With Sophia I never know which child I will get. The Sweet Sophia who is happy to sit in the cart and stare up at my beautiful face ..ehh.. or the my ornery Sophia who wants nothing to do with the cart, looking at my face or being anywhere near the grocery store.

There are other "living on the edge moments such as..

-Running to the mall without a stroller

-Going to any public place where there are people trying to converse, or concentrate.. this is VERY RISKY..(Sophia usually saves her loudest, high pitched screams for these places)

- Being outdoors. I mean what toddler can resist the endless opportunities to lick, touch ,chew anything and everything. I have to be on super duty when we are outdoors.. I never know what she will find!

-All in all life with a toddler is all about living on the edge. You never know what they are going to do next.. and worst yet.. You don't know what exactly they are capable of doing until it's done. I am constantly surprised by Sophia.. Good and bad.. everyday is something new!

Okay, so with Bo jovi's "living on the edge" lyrics now stuck in my head I will wrap this up.

Here is a picture of Sophia working on using her Spoon. A very risky event for my carpet.. as it never comes out unscathed from the wrath of this toddler and her spoon.

Lots of love ,
The Thompson fam

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