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Wednesday, July 28

I have a plethora of pictures for you ! Some are of our new pool .. some are pictures that bring a smile to my face... Enjoy..

Dinosaurs say .. RRROOOAARRRR
Our own back yard water park
Polka dot booty
Alabama Summers are HOT.. the pool is the place to be
Dress up phase has begun ... and I LOVE IT!!
Such a DIVA
Just Us girls heading to church..
The newest phase ..hitting.. we are currently working on nice touches .. especially when we want something REALLY bad and mommy can't figure out exactly what it is... Thus resulting in mommy receiving a good whack across the face.... immediately followed by a time out for Miss Sophia .. oh the joys..

Even with a few bumps in the road we are having a fabulous summer but missing Daddy like crazy. Hopefully you will see him in our pictures soon :)

Much love!
The Thompson Fam

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