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Thursday, July 8


So as you may have noticed I don't write about Stephen much in our family blog. There a quite a few reasons for that.The main reason being, the Army is a very funny community. With all their acronyms and code words and things you can say and can't say.. weird weird place I tell ya!

So with all this crazy lingo and mystery I never really know what I can and can't say. I mean I highly doubt "the bad guys" have any interest in reading our little blog but better safe than sorry am I right?

I have choose to follow my dear ol' dads famous words..He use to say "Sara, Don't overload your butt with your mouth." His way of saying .. WATCH WHAT YOU SAY. So as far as Stephen goes I don't say much.

I will say this, he is doing great! Working hard and making his family SO VERY PROUD! We love him. We miss him. We hope he comes home soon!

Lots of LOVE coming your way Stephen!!

We love you Stephen !!

The Thompson fam

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