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Thursday, July 22

And I brag..

So life with a toddler is a roller coaster ride that never ends. I know I post a lot on my struggles as I maneuver through toddler hood but today I will boast.
We had a major supermarket break though last week and I feel I need to share.

Last week I needed to do some MAJOR grocery shopping. I loaded up Sophia we hit the farmers market early then went to the store. In all honesty, the odds were stacked against me. We were at  the Commissary ( the army's grocery store), it was payday weekend (in the army that means EVERYONE Is at the commissary) and we were dangerously close to lunch and nap time. So with all these potential disasters staring me in the face, I took at deep breath and we head into the store.

You know what!? Sophia DID AMAZING. Granted I sang the ABC's not kidding you at least 100 times. ( I am sure everyone at the store appreciated my lovely singing voice)  Either way she didn't have a single meltdown. No real screaming issues (except for that one time. Immediately following her scream a little boy about Sophia's ages screamed back. His Mother gave me the dagger eyes ..ooops.) Amazingly, we made it out alive!!

Honestly, I was so proud of my little munchkin.I know it was just a trip to the store but it was so much more. It was a little glimmer of hope that someday this crazy trip through toddler hood will eventually end. Someday, I won't be that frantic mom flying through the grocery store with a child half hanging out of the cart and groceries flying out just as quickly as I am throwing them in.

Well... that is unless we decided to have baby number 2 ;)

Lots of Love,
The Thompson Fam

1 comment:

  1. I have just entered the frantic mom in the grocery store stage and I am not liking it one bit! I am glad you have a glimmer of hope because that means maybe I do too:-)